Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Year New Happy

I am Happy. My mood could be described as ‘cheerfully optimistic’ for the coming year. I know that God is working in our lives, taking care of His children, so I don’t fear the future OR the present. I wish more people could know the peace that God puts in the hearts of those who belong to Him. Even when circumstance encircles us with troubles, even what terrible things happen-we are sustained, because God loves us.
I am looking forward to 2006, just as I was 2005 a year ago. I enjoy life, and living at peace with God.
I hope that each of you who stop by here have an excellent, positive, happy 2006. God loves you, even if you doubt that God exists. And it IS possible to be at peace with God, which is the only true measurable success.
Even if we Christians are poor, we are more successful than any Fortune 500 CEO, as we have riches which can’t be measured by the standards of this world. Here’s one major difference between our riches and worldly ones: I want you to share in mine. I would love it if you also receive God’s riches. Happy New Year.

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