Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm Beginning To See The Light

I appreciate all of the heartfelt points of view expressed by those commenting on le’s post, and the debate seems to be firing a lot of blogs across the Internet-Lachen shares some good points from a group she is involved with, Rand’s position is clearly delineated; Michael, if he weren't so busy with his new business would probably be covering it also. I put my 2 cents in, and some think I have change coming yet.
As Sir Duke put it, “I’m Beginning To See the Light.”
Growing up in a nominally Christian culture, our family celebrated Christmas as many do to this day: Christmas tree, some decorations, getting together with friends- but what made Christmas special for us was the loot. We were greedy, avaricious, egocentric princes demanding our tribute. Part of the holiday tradition was, after the presents were opened, to call our friends and compare the booty received, hoping to be able to gloat. Luckily, our friends were as poor as we were, so it wasn’t hard to keep up with the Jones’s.
Nominally Christian, but that was all that Christmas was to us when we were kids: “Gimmie Time.”
Go down to the Mall tomorrow or (if you dare) on the week end and watch people hustling/bustling to make their prince or princess happy on the upcoming Gimmie Time.
No wonder some out there who are not Christians look at us as if we are idiots: they think we are celebrating THAT. There’s nothing Merry about that kind of Christmas.
Nothing Merry, and nothing to Cheer about.
If Christ didn’t exist (He does-I’m just making a point) then there would be no reason to celebrate His birth.
As He does exist, and came into the world to save us from our sins, those who reject the work of Christ on the cross find that they must also reject Christ in the manger.
And there’s the rub. There’s the point of friction between “Us” and “Them”: we Christians celebrate the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every day is Christmas, every day a Sabbath day, a Resurrection day, a Thanksgiving Day. Our “Gimmie time” has been displaced by Quiet Time, and Worship time, when we receive gifts far greater than any childhood toy or present. And the outsider looking in has no clue what is making us so Merry. His or her only point of reference is (to them) a cardboard fake; the Strawman they tear down is wearing a Santa Claus suit.
Friends, may God Bless you during this Christmas time-I encourage you to go to Luke’s Gospel and read the story of the birth of Christ for yourself. The Spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Christ. Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards men.

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