Saturday, January 07, 2006

How would you like to laugh today?

“What did the Big Peanut say to the Little Peanut?”
Answer is inside on first comment.

Above are two of my favorite cartoons from cartoonist Dick Guindon. I haven’t been able to find an online site of his work; if you like humor, and enjoy laughing, I’d suggest you check him out. Some might remember him as “The Carp Guy”. My favorite site for finding used books is:, which stands for Advanced Book Exchange. Used books stores from all over the world list their catalogs at ABEbooks; one title, such as the book I scanned these from, “Cartoons by Guindon” can bring back dozens or even hundreds of listings. If there’s any book you’ve been searching for, ABEbooks probably has it listed.
Recently I mentioned “Ashleigh Brilliant” to someone as another source for rare good humor and distilled philosophy: Ashleigh created “Potshots”-which I used to read in the Detroit Free Press years ago-little nuggets of humor or wisdom with accompanying drawings. I say distilled philosophy because Ashleigh sets a rule for his potshots: they must be only 17 or fewer words. Sort of like free form Haiku. He does have an online store, at, and he is also well represented at ABEbooks.
When I started this blog, I intended to highlight some of my favorite humorists from time to time-early on I posted about Sholom Aleichem, Robert Benchley; if you look in the right places, the world is filled with laughter.

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