Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The inglorious Return of Random Thoughts Tuesday

Thoughts cannot get more random than if you think I was going to talk about there is no reasoning...

Enough of that. My thoughts may be random for Random Thoughts Tuesday, but they aren’t so random that I can’t complete sentences.!
First, Myrna Loy. A beautiful lady, a great actress, and, during her time in the spotlight, an image of grace and strength. She often played the sophisticate, the heiress, the successful businesswoman-often gracing the company of William Powell. One of their best movies together is “Libeled Lady”; also, if you can find “Double Wedding” you are guaranteed to laugh. And of course their Thin Man series is wonderful.
But why do I have Myrna up at the top of this page?
Recently a friend lent me “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” starring two you know who’s: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who seem to have great chemistry in the movie. As a light comedy it sort of works, but as an actioner it is troubling, as:
Their characters are covert government assasins. (Where’s Chuck Schumer’s outrage?)

They are assigned by their respective departments to eliminate each other. (That darned “wall” erected during Clinton’s presidency to keep the FBI/CIA from sharing information-just look at what happens!)

They kill approximately 20,000,000 American “troops/soldiers/CIA and FBI infantry” while running away together. (With a smile and a shared laugh. Arnold caught grief for knocking off 20 cops in ‘The Terminator’-but he’s a Republican, so ...)

Minor gripe:
The movie has no ending. Either they have made a truce with the government (not seen, and not likely due to their death toll) or they have successfully found their way to a corner of the globe (I know-globes don’t have corners-you are too literal) where they are in marriage counseling with an American-speaking therapist.

Brad and Angelina have nowhere near the chemistry of Myrna and Bill Powell. Here are some thoughts:

I have no idea who Myrna was ever married to, or how many times married, if at all.
While Brad and Angelina may have ‘sex appeal’, Myrna had ‘sense appeal’. Loads of it.
I never saw her kill anyone in a movie.


Random thought number second: The Alito yammerings are going on right now-he is going the “Roberts route” of sitting patiently while the Senators make fools of themselves. He must be terribly bored-on Sat Nite Live they will probably show him taking out one of those little paddles with the ball attached : “boing boing boing boing -Yes Senator, I did write that. boing boing boing.”
I know it’s important-I also know that he will be on the Supreme Court no matter how long the professional yammerers practice their craft during these hearings. My fantasy: Straight up or down vote-approved! Everyone gets back to work.


Third Thought Random: actually a plug for a podcast. If you want a good free laugh, check out Ricky Gervais dot com, and download his podcasts, or subscribe through Itunes for those who are Applers.
Ricky and his buddy Steve Merchant share a free half hour of comedy, usually making fun of their friend Karl to great effect. Ricky and Steve created the Brit hit: “The Office” which is funnier than the pretty good American knockoff.

Random enough-have a great day!

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