Thursday, January 26, 2006

Special Guest Appearance of Random Thoughts Tuesday

And boy, are they random today! Some political, some not, all mine.

I couldn’t be happier that Hamas won the Palestinian election-and that isn’t a typo.
By the way, the nation of Palestine still doesn’t exist.
The PLO of Arafat reaped billions of dollars over the decades from a world hoping to buy a solution to the Middle East equation. That‘s what they used to call “Gone money”, as in “Forget that money-it’s Gone.”
Hamas, at least not yet, can’t be bought off. As a terrorist organization- (Terrorist Organization needs a new appellation, one that we aren’t yet desensitized to...TerrorChimps? As in: Monkey see, monkey doo doo? Flinging hate (and bombs) at passersby?)
As TerrorChimps, Hamas blow up Jews and others who get on the Wrong Bus to show that they hate Israel.
As if the world didn’t know that.
But now the punishment can fit the crime: They are sentenced to forming a government and becoming politicians. Eventually, they will follow their PLO forebears to the money trough...I’m sorry, I almost made a pig joke about the TerrorChimps, and that could be deadly-they have no sense of humor. They can’t even rent “Porky’s” because of the name.
Think about this. The PLO of Arafat are out. Out. This election isn’t a horrible event, like the Democrats regaining power in this country would be-This Palestinian election, still without a country, mind you-is more along the lines of the Left being defeated by the nutty weirdo Left. Ted Kennedy losing his seat to Michael Moore.
Nancy Pelosi losing her seat to Cindy Sheehan.
Al Franken is the President of his own fan club. (Sorry-really random thought)
Back to Hamas. Now that they will have to run a government, they have a location, an identity, and must take off their ski masks. Or hoods, if you know what I’m talkin about.
Now that they will be the government of a nation that doesn’t exist, they can be held accountable for inciting violence against Israel. They now have something to lose, and status, location, location, location as a neighbor to Israel.
Remember that Israel had won as spoils of war all of the land down to the border of Egypt. The fact that they gave most of it back as indefensible doesn’t mean that they couldn’t or wouldn’t take it back again to secure their future as a nation.
An easy solution to the Gaza Strip, West Bank, all of the territories: When Hamas as a government attacks Israel, Israel goes to war with the Hamas Palestine, conquers and takes back the areas it needs to defend itself. The terms of surrender would include acknowledgment from the Hamas (The Loser) the right of Israel (The Victor) to exist. Rather than face that reality, the Hamas government disbands and slinks back into the shadows to continue as TerrorChimps, as they were never really Politicians in the first.

Enough political.
Yesterday while I was at work, my Dad’s car got stuck in our driveway-hit a patch of ice, whatever.
Here was a 76 year old man out there with a shovel, trying to get unstuck. A neighbor drove past, stopped, came back and shoveled him out. Thanks to that good neighbor, who took the time to help someone.

Remember that with all of the bad that is going on in the World, there are also many blessings from God which should be cherished every day. He isn’t the distant angry god that Muslims believe in-as the saying goes, “He is as near as a whispered prayer.” Nothing catches God by surprise; He is working His plan, which I guarantee you no human can fully understand-and it’s success is as sure as the fact that the Sun He created will come up tomorrow. Trust Him through all of Life’s castertaffys; you will understand about
“Yet those who wait for the Lord
Will gain new strength;
They will mount up with wings as eagles,
They will run and not get tired,
They will walk and not become weary.” Isaiah 40:31

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