Saturday, June 24, 2006


“My sister was my first piano teacher. She taught me from an early age, and it’s generally accepted by all that she is the smartest one in the family...(that she married into)."
Victor Borge

It’s funny. Funny how our minds work, and how other’s don' quite the same way. Whether its Sarah Silverman sharing an off putting thought in concert or Ann Coulter eviscerating
a liberal holy touchstone-we marvel at how some minds work so differently than our own.

Comedy-great comedy-is like baseball. Timing and Anticipation. Success comes from doing the unexpected. Steven Wright was Made for Left Field. Get it? If you did, you know.

We celebrate the anti-mundane, in the hope that we ourselves do not live mundane lives.
Sarah Silverman comes to mind, as I was just reading a short homage to Dorothy Parker written by her friend S.J. Perelman. Dorothy Parker loved putting together sharp acerbic quips. I am going to do the unanticipated here, and not quote a single one of Mrs. Parker’s famous sayings.
Dorothy Parker would have loved Sarah Silverman’s act, and, although their politics would have been extreme opposites, I think that she would have appreciated Ann Coulter’s as well.

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