Friday, June 09, 2006


“Well, he was a Christian, you know.”


“I know, because a pastor told me.”


“That should give you some comfort.”

I turn away. “No.”

Sometimes our lives go along placidly for years, years so unremarkable that we can only remember them by which car we owned then, or who was President.
Well, 2006 has been a year for the books, and it’s not even half over. But it is, sad to say, over for my brother, who died Sunday from a fall.
It’s always the same-people want to live as heathens, but die as Christians. That sounds harsh, but please bear with me for a moment. Many people have said the things quoted above at funerals and in hospital rooms where someone has died. I heard it Monday, word for word. People who are dying in their own sins hope against hope that they, like the person dying, might somehow make it to Heaven without having to be saved. But wishing doesn’t stand a chance against reality. And the reality is that none of us are good enough to get into Heaven. Jesus Christ, God Himself, is the only One good enough- He invites all who are weary and heavy laden to accept His gift and be free from sin now and live forever, adopted into His family.
But our opportunities to accept that gift end when we die. No Mulligans.
I would not dishonor my brother by lying about him; he has passed out of life, his chances are ended -God alone knows whether I will see him again. Knowing him all of my life, I don’t believe I will.
I continue to pray for my family and friends-no one should go to Hell. If you were caught in a fiery room, flames to the ceiling, flames advancing, and there were an open door right behind you, you would go through that door.
Jesus Christ is the doorway through which you can be saved from the fire. It’s that simple.

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