Friday, June 16, 2006

Random Thoughts Special Unleaded Friday Edition

Today was a good day. The weather was beautiful, work was all right, and I got some things done. My family is doing fine; my nephew has graduated and tomorrow is his Grad party; I know I’ll see some good friends from way back.
It’s kind of strange to think of my nephew as a grown up-I moved to Las Vegas when he was all of two weeks old. I’ve changed career jobs a few times since then, learned computing, graduated from college, had a long term relationship and now am taking care of my parents-it may not sound like much, but I’ve had a good life; God has taken care of me, has led me to where I am, and will lead me Home.
I’m grateful that there has been great progress in the War on Terror-as that seems to define our era, much as the two “World Wars” defined the first half of the last century. I’m grateful, but also confident that no matter how war rages, no matter how Man rages, our future will be one of Peace, when the meaning of Jerusalem is evident to the entire world. “Swords into plowshares” gives an idea of what we will be doing instead: cultivating the land. Not by the sweat of our brow, either. That was part of the curse with which Creation will no longer be stained. Pretty cool.
If the Lord tarries, meaning He waits for more lost souls to hear and accept His great gift of Salvation-it’s possible that we might get hit hard here in America by Islam or some other power.
But that’s not the end of the world, friends-of course I hope that it won’t happen, but if it does, it’s comforting to know that Islam/all false religions will someday be wiped off the globe, and won’t even be remembered-God has a plan to win the Peace, too.
Islam doesn’t frighten me, and Satan is already defeated. Nothing to worry about-God is in His Heaven, and we need not fear. Global warming won’t destroy the planet, Mankind will not destroy the planet, even electing a Democrat would not be the end of the world. It will end when God destroys it, replacing it with a new Heaven and new Earth. This happens at the end of the Millennial Reign, so relax: Al Gore is wrong.
I seem to have gone far a field from where I started, but not really. It is a good day, God is in His Heaven, we needn’t worry about the ‘end of the world’ happening any time soon. There is much to be grateful for, and nothing to fear. Praise God!