Saturday, January 20, 2007

Idiocracy II (Is Sequel A Bird?)

This is going to be very hard to write. How can I post about the sequel to Idiocracy without spoiling the fun for those who haven’t seen Idiocracy?
Joe and Rita are two ‘volunteers’ who are frozen in a military experi…doesn’t matter-just a plot device.
Instead of one year in stasis, ooops-500 years pass before they wake up. And, because evolution is false, they wake up in a world which has devolved to the point where stupid is as stupid does.
Intelligence Quotients have slud (“He slud into third”-Dizzy Dean) down the slippery slope to algebraic negative numbers. It would be dystopian if anyone was left besides Joe and Rita who knew what that meant.
As Mike Judge stoled (as in “I Stoled This Record” by Cledus T. Judd) his main plot from Robert Heinlein’s “Farnham’s Freehold”, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Judge once more lifts a story from Heinlein for “Idiocracy II (Is Sequel A Bird?)”
In “Citizen Of The Galaxy” young Thorby is a slave in a dystopian (I used it!) civilization on a planet far removed from Earth. Freed by his Master Baslim he becomes a top gunner on a spaceship, as is the case with most young heroes in Heinlein’s Universes. Eventually his Pimpernel is discovered (Danny Kaye- “The Court Jester” 1955) and of course he is the richest man on Earth, who returns to his home planet and runs an inter-Galactic corporation and is secretly working with the military to end slaving among the star systems. Enter Mike Judge.
In Idiocracy II (Is Sequel A Bird?) the aliens who set up shop about a billion years ago come to check on the progress of their ‘plantings’. As Beldar is still protected by copyright, Judge calls the alien leader, Exec VP of an Omni-Galactic corporation, Gaydar, which leads to humorous misunderstandings.
At first Joe and Rita welcome Gaydar-I should mention that Joe has become the President of the World- Heinlein would have made Rita President, but oh well-at first they welcome Gaydar, but when he sees how stupid the people are, he want to cut his losses and break up the world for it’s minerals. Joe and Rita attempt to convince him that their fellow earthlings ARE smart-and the more they try to prove this to Gaydar, the more the ‘crop’ fails.
Gaydar and Joe get high (This IS a Mike Judge movie, after all) and Gaydar confides that he’s had a rather shaky lightyear-this is his fifth failed crop in a row. His head will be on the chopping block if he doesn’t show results, and Earth was his last hope dashed.
Joe and Rita search for a way to give Gaydar aid. (I did it, but I’m not proud).
They fail. Gaydar has his finger on the button which will Mulligan the world, all hope is lost…when another space ship arrives, from a rival Omni-Galactic corporation.
This Executive VP, Laughtrack, is looking to purchase a world population of low IQ party idiots-he has a another world of startlingly beautiful people who have become so intelligent that they are losing touch with their humanity. Laughtrack wants to improve the herd, so to speak.
Gaydar closes the deal, invites Joe and Rita to come visit the stars with him, happy ending.

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