Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Philosophical Square Circle

The Father of Lies has more kids than Ma and Pa Kettle. We live in a tainted world, hoping for honesty, seeking truth among the lies and liars and deluded ‘truthers’ who can’t find an egg in an omelet.
Those of us who attempt to remain unsullied, our self-image tied to belief in our own honesty, wake up each morning to a dishonest world where absolutes seem to have disappeared. Christians recognize that God is watching, and that we will have to answer for every stray word which comes out of our mouths. We are called to worship God in Spirit and in Truth, and read in Scripture of how very important it is to remain honest, not bear false witness, etc.
But the world operates on a different system, where dishonesty can be advantageous-or so it appears.
Here is the simple philosophical question:
In a conflict between someone who is honest and refuses to lie and someone who is willing to lie to achieve an advantage…who will come out on top?


Doug said...

Well! I guess the old comments are gone-move forward!

le said...

As I was saying, I'm so glad I know Jesus!