Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Are you Going To Finish That Halal?

One if the journalist/watchpersons on the wall I greatly admire and respect is Debbie Schlussel. In her home state of Michigan she keeps a wary eye on the Islamic daily ‘troubles’ (as they used to call them in Ireland).
Debbie has a new article up about the Brit National Health Service protecting Muslims from themselves. To wit: Next month, during Ramadan, while Muslims are fasting, no food is to be seen on the desks of workers, no tempting chips left in the lounge, no food to be left in sight so as not to tempt Muslims to break their Ramadan fast.
Here’s the heart of one of the MANY differences between Christians and Muslims.
If a Christian is tempted, he says “I am weak, Lord, please forgive me.”
If a Muslim is tempted, he can say, “I am weak, but it is their fault for leaving the food right out there where I can be tempted.”
A Christian recognizes his faults and weaknesses, and accepts responsibility for his actions, as there is no fooling God, or ourselves.
A Muslim can claim innocence even in raping a woman, as ’she was uncovered, and is guilty of tempting me’.
This is one step from madness.
However they do it in Saudi Arabia, in Britain, or the United States, or Canada, we should not adapt our behavior one iota for fear of offending the sensibilities of Muslims.
Eat where you want, what you want, during Ramadan.
Wear what you want, where you want-it’s still a Free Country, isn’t it?
Go to the church you want, wherever you want, or don’t go-there is no compulsion under
our charter.
And of course, if you decide to live a life in deference to Islam, that is up to you…but don’t be offended if I don’t join you.

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