Saturday, August 25, 2007

Shar Pei Bunnies and Katie

It’s just cool. Summer is winding down, the leaves are getting ready for the ‘leaf-lookers’, and I saw an ostrich today named Katie.
Katie’s head is about 6.3 feet from her feet, and her body about the same size as our washer/dryer. That is one big bird.
And the bunnys. Each weighed about 30 pounds, mostly skin. They looked like chocolate bunnys which had been put in the microwave for a few too many seconds. Each completely covered the area of the floor of their cages.
There were many other animals; goats, shoats and a pot belly pig who looked like he was wearing a dark dungaree jumpsuit.
It was a nice day at the county fair. I saw people from my past and present, watched lumberjack and cowboy exhibitions, saw some beautiful horses and quite a few very creative 4-H projects.
Things have changed- the County Fairground now stands where the city dump used to litter the landscape.
When I was in 4-H, we never would have made a project out of “Legos”, but there were a few of those today.
In my youth we never had signs all over the fair warning people not to touch the animals due to possible e-coli infection. Back then, animals that didn’t ribbon were bbq’d on th…just kidding.
But many things have remained the same. Cotton candy, hot dogs and people out having a good time
as a community.
Community. What a great word. Have you ever been looked down upon by an ostrich?

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