Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Praying To The Right God

Don't be alarmed. I haven't succumbed to the siren call of Mariology. This photo shows someone presumed to be Mary praying to God. Note that, please. I’m sure that while she was on Earth, Mary did pray, and I believe that now she is in Heaven in God’s presence with all of the rest of God’s people.
But it would be pagan, evil and wrong to pray to Mary, or, as some Catholics like to explain it, (as if it doesn’t mean the same thing) ask Mary to hear their prayers and pass them on to God.
Mary was full of Grace. But she was never God, never part of the Trinity, never someone to whom prayers should be addressed. She was a sinner saved by Grace, just like the rest of us who belong to God.
While I’m on this subject, it is also wrong to pray to ‘The Man Upstairs’, ‘The Big Guy’,
or any other limited man-made construct of God. God is God. Our Creator, our Savior,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit triune in a way which we cannot understand or decipher.
God is the only One to whom our prayers should be addressed. And He is the only One capable of answering our prayers. You should be thankful that He does, that He has our best interests at heart while His Creation moves forward towards the Day of our Lord’s return to Earth, which will put an end to sin and death, war and destruction. It may seem like I’ve moved far and away from where this post started, but actually, no. It begins with a picture of someone praying to God. Let’s do the same. Pray that the Lord will return quickly, and find us with oil in our lamps, wicks trimmed and ready to be lit. Amen.

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