Friday, March 07, 2008

False Compassion, 5 cents a Dozen

To be compassionate, seeking good for others, being sensitive to needs-that’s all good. Commendable.
Right from God’s heart…when it is honest.
What I would label false compassion is that which is used to cloak ideologies and agendas which actually do much harm and little good.
“It’s for the CHILDREN!” Sounds compassionate and agreeable: who doesn’t want to nurture and protect children, feed and clothe, educate children? But the compassionate cry of “It’s for the CHILDREN!” has become cover for those who are more interested in growing government, adding layers of bureaucracy, especially in the school systems.
I’m all for children being protected, educated, etc. It is indeed odd that some of the greatest advocates for nurturing children are also staunch protectors of the ‘right’ to have abortions. As they deem unborn babies as ‘non-persons’ who can be destroyed without a quibble of conscience, their compassion for kids is suspect, at the very least.
Here we are in an election year, which has been preceded by seven years of outrage and (con) passionate anger directed at our President…why? Because he was so evil and vile, or because his election put an end to the “Clinton Years”?
2006 saw him so demonized that the Democrats rode their outrage right back into power. Firing up the emotions of the electorate, denigrating and disrespecting our President did much harm, needless harm to our country. It coarsened our nation, made us less than we were. Their passion, false or true, ran cover for their actual agenda-regaining power.
How sad.
Look at the passion displayed by all of the local enemies of the state of Israel. You can hardly say that their compassion is masking hatred, as the hatred shines through. But go to the news services and you can always find {false} stories of Jewish atrocities allegedly committed against the ’innocent Palestinians.’ Israel is the battleground of a spiritual war which has been in combat since A&E were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Those at odds with Israel are actually at odds with God, striving against Him. God is what makes Israel the center of the world, not the Jews who are hated for living there.
There are passionate anti-war Doves who shout out their screed in rallies around the world. But if they are so passionate against war, do they realize that their freedom to be Doves was won by Warriors? That aggressors faced and vanquished other aggressors who had made war on innocents?
I am passionately for compassion, even if it means I must take up arms and defend my country, or support those so engaged.
I care about children, protecting all children, including those as yet unborn. I want to see ‘Abortion’ go the way of ‘Slavery’ in this country, and for this country to lead the way for the rest of the world to stop killing children. Right from God’s heart to yours.

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