Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Am Free

“The secret police will have full control, and will not hesitate to photograph citizens for evidence," he said.”

What? In this day and age, when we are all so free? What is this stuff from the past creeping into our present?
“But Doug,” you say, “We’ve never had secret police, photographing citizens for evidence.”
Some may argue that we have had such, with the CIA and FBI, but in truth, our populace is protected from abuses by our Government thanks to our wonderful Bill of Rights. My test liberal (if I ever wonder how an issue is seen by the Left, I ask my brother in law) had a bumper sicker on his car which I’m sure you have seen:
“I love my country but fear my Government”.
That sentiment would be better plastered on the vehicles in the country where I found the above quote.
Cuba? Was it Cuba, you might ask? The Soviet Union? Saudi Arabia? You’re getting warm.
Iran. Young people were taking advantage of a festival setting to decry their president, Ahmadinejad.
This is from United Press International:

TEHRAN, March 19 (UPI) -- Many Iranian youths rallied in streets across the country, shouting "Death to Ahmadinejad," in celebrations marking the end of the Persian calendar year.

The last Wednesday of the Persian calendar is celebrated as the Fire Festival in Iran, with bonfires and firecrackers marking the occasion.

In the western city of Ahvaz, angry mobs declared "Freedom is our legitimate right" while demonstrators in the western city of Sanandaj shouted "Death to (Iranian President Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad," Ynetnews reported Wednesday.

The police in Tehran were out in force and, though they were met with a barrage of firecrackers, the situation didn't escalate beyond what is typical for the Fire Festival, local reports cited in the news report said.

Ahmed Raza-Radan, the police chief in Tehran, warned demonstrators against violating the rule of law in a news conference.

"The police force has resolved to detain any party-goers who break the law. The secret police will have full control, and will not hesitate to photograph citizens for evidence," he said.

Freedom is not their legitimate right under Shariah Law. I know of nothing in the Iranian Constitution which protects it’s peoples from their government. Lacking a Bill of Rights, they have nothing. With our Bill of Rights, we have everything.

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