Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bile Fuel

So now the chickens are home, roostering all over the place. These chicks in Dove feathers proclaim:
The sky IS falling!
America is a RACIAL nation!
The world hates us!
War is WRONG!

These barnyard Oracles would stampede us, the lovely herd, if they could. They see chaos, with no answer
possible beyond the human skin, above the human head. They suggest that WE are the problem which can only be solved by WE who are the answer. Which is, of course, impossible. Because six tenths of us continue to generate problem while one tenth try to come up with answer. And then that one tenth, the roostering chanticleers of the dawn, become frustrated and ever more sour as their global warning is unheeded.
Did you notice the broken equation? Six tenths plus one tenth leaves three tenths unaccounted for.
I’m being charitable with my declaration that three tenths of us:
Are not chicken littles.
Are not causing the troubles of the six tenths.
Actually trust that that the solution to every man-made problem can only be found in God.

It is unmitigated arrogance to believe that man can fix himself. It is also blasphemy to suggest that God cannot. He set His solution in place in the Garden of Eden, just as soon as man sinned and began his problem.

The sky IS falling! (God won’t let it.)

America is a RACIAL nation! The world hates us! (Man is a hateful creature-he will always seek out differences to be hateful about. God tells us to love both our friends and our enemies. He sets the example in John 3:16.)

War is WRONG! (War against God is the most wrong. War to defend and protect innocents is RIGHT.)

Rocks don’t teach birds to fly. Rocks in the hands of men teach birds to fly higher.

Trust God-He knows what He’s doing.

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