Friday, June 20, 2008

A Majority of Two

“What can we do?” whispered the Aide.
The Consul shook his head. “We’re dead.”
“How did this happen? Weren’t you supposed to be guarding him? Making sure that no-one could get to him?”
“You can’t blame me for this. According to Barack, this was fated to happen.”
“I feel ill.”

Many were feeling sick to their stomachs in that conference room. Barack Obama, soon to be President of the United States, was appealing to his closest staff with tears in his eyes.
“We have sinned against God! We have set ourselves up as little gods, when we are nothing! Nothing but sinful men who have rejected God!”
The sat silently, staring at the man who had been their hope.
“We have done great injustice, not only to our fellow man, but to our country, to this world!”
The Consul raised his hand. “Barack, I can understand that there has been injustice done, but not by us.
We are the party defending the common man, the victimized, the abused. We have…”
Obama cut him off.
“How can you say that? We have, as a party, held to Abortion as a protected right! We have destroyed millions of innocent lives, decimated generations since Roe v Wade, and there is no more innocent victim than a baby aborted!”
“Barack!” Shouted the Aide. “Who ARE you? You’re talking crazy! A fetus is not a person! It has no rights!”
“I know who I am. And I know who I was just a few short weeks ago.” Obama wiped his eyes, took a sip of water, and sighed.

“I was sitting up late, in Atlanta, after speaking at that college. That must have been June 20th , because I remember thinking that it was the weekend, and I was beat. I’d been having trouble sleeping, so I looked for something to read, to make me sleepy. I picked up the Bible.”
Groans were heard coming from the back of the room. He continued.
“Yeah, I know. I figured a few pages would knock me out, but I began in the Gospel of John, and…this is hard for me to say out loud, but God was working on me. God shined light on those pages, God turned that light on my sin…and I knew I was dead. That I deserved death. That I was a sinner, in danger of being held accountable for my sin. That scared me to my knees, and I asked God to forgive me, asked Jesus to save me, and He did!”
“But Barack!” said the Consul. “You’ve been a Christian for twenty years!” Barack laughed.
“Let me tell you what kind of Christian I was. I was a Christian without Christ, who saw opportunity to advance myself. I was a Christian who got rich telling poor people that they were victims of somebody else’s greed.
I was the kind of Christian who embraced any and all religions that I knew were lies. I had no problem communing with atheists, liars and crooks who could help me politically. As a matter of fact, the more ungodly, the better I got along, as I was one of them!”
The Consul stood up. “Barack, I guess I’m one of those ungodly people, since I’ve been with you longer than anyone else in this room. You’re some kind of good Christian, insulting me like that. I want an apology, right now, right here!” Barack stared at his old friend, then shook his head.
“I’ve played that game too many times, and you should know me better than that. If I’ve hurt your pride, friend, maybe that’s a good thing. Sit down.” Obama looked around the room.
“You all must be wondering where we go from here. Who comes with me to Washington? That depends on you. Here it is.”
“I plan on working with the Republicans to undo the damage we have done to this nation. Forget legalized Abortion. It’s gone-even with a Democratic majority in Congress I will get that done first. If you don’t like that, there’s the door.” Nobody moved.
“Forget Welfare. We have subsidized the destruction of the black family, the poor and disadvantaged. We have made it necessary to rely on the Government, which leads me to the next point.
That Federal Bureaucracy is destroying this nation! It sucks up money and power, creating layers upon layers upon layers of Government, hacks who all work to grow the Bureaucracy. In the past, I always declared that I would change Washington. That was politics… now I mean it.”
“I will protect our borders, through any means necessary. Fences, militias, maybe move some of those Washington bureaucrats to the borders with shotguns and binoculars. They can do some good there.”
“Term limits for both Senators and Representatives. This will be the hardest nut to crack, but I plan on getting a term limit referendum before the voters, giving the people an opportunity to run the scoundrels out. When you dig cancer out of a body, you have to get it all.”
A few of the staff got up and left. Obama watched them go, and said, “There go some good people. I know I offended them, but I’d rather offend man than God. You may be joining them in a minute.”
“All of you sitting here have been promised prominent positions in my administration. As you are still here, I assume you want those jobs. You’ve invested years in me, and you’re not about to walk away just because you think I’ve gone crazy.”
“Here’s the deal. I believe that God has perfect timing, and that He convicted and saved me that 20th of June so that I can lead this nation as He wishes.”
“We will return to God. We will lead by example, first by pulling out of the United Nations- that corrupt house of cards-and we will defend Israel, Iraq, and every other democracy where people are free. Every tyrant, every government and religion which holds people in chains is our enemy.”
“If you are ready to help me change the world, to bring it back to God, I want you with me. This is the greatest undertaking possible, the highest hill we can climb. There is no power in Government which has not been placed there by God. We can honor God by using that power properly to help, not hurt, the weak and powerless. We can serve God by serving the people well. Will you help me?”
The last to leave the room, the Consul and the Aide, walked out together.
President-Elect Barack Obama was left alone with His God. A majority of two.

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