Sunday, June 01, 2008


Senator Obama has resigned from membership in the Trinity United Church of Christ. Fine. Now let me ask you something. Would you do the same?
Would you resign from membership in your church in order to win a job?
Could the world exert any influence on you to cause you to remove yourself from fellowship in your church?
My church is unapologetic about our statements of faith. I believe that God led me to my church; after a few years of visiting, I felt that God was calling me to become a member. My church welcomed me and I am grateful to be honored with membership. I abide by the rules and leadership of our elder board, and no job, no boss, no election, no political expediency could influence me, could cause me to leave my church. I feel that I am where God wants me to be; where would I go?
Where will Senator Obama go? If he wins the election, I imagine he will find a suitable church in the Washington D.C. area. And if he loses, I’m guessing that the Obama family will find a more moderate church in Chicago where they can worship and fellowship in relative peace. While waiting for 2012.
May God install a righteous leader in the Oval Office this year. And may God have mercy on us all.

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