Sunday, June 08, 2008


Keeping it short: Hillary Clinton’s concession speech yesterday was a spectacle of vain glory. She needed thousands of cheering supporters as a backdrop, as staging for her farewell from the campaign. Today she couldn’t fill that room; she’s now old news.
After a year of hard campaigning, her former adversary, whom she often declared not ready to be President, is now her advocate, her choice for the job? What?
Was she lying then, or is she lying now? Does she suddenly think that he is ready to be President simply because she couldn’t beat him?
One down, two to go. I’m as sick of hearing the Democrats rhetoric as anyone. The notion that we have erred badly as a nation for eight years under the Bush Administration is noxious to me. It has been a GREAT eight years:
When attacked, we defended ourselves, taking the fight to those who use terrorism as a weapon.
We’ve brought down dictators, set millions on the path of self determination, have improved our image in the world by taking care of business.
If Al Gore had won in 2000, you wouldn’t believe how wonderful the last 8 years would have seemed to the Democrats. If a Gore Administration had had only half the accomplishments of George Bush, it would have been touted as a fantastic success.
We have prospered as a nation for eight years, and think about it: that means that the very Democrats complaining about how bad it has been have prospered right along with the rest of us.
Politics stinks. It reeks, and is a blot on our landscape. (Quick plug for the book: “Blott On The Landscape” by Tom Sharpe. It’s not his best book, but it is good.)
Any Democrat reading this post may discount my words as being those of a partisan, a Republican hack complaining about the Dems. You know, “JABA”. Just as bad as the Democrat hacks. Moral equivalency at it’s unfinest.
Before tarring me with that brush, they should hear what I have to say about John McCain. I’m hardly a “My Party, Right Or Wrong” guy. I hung up on a Republican fundraiser who called the other day. I will not add a penny to the Republican coffers to see John McCain elected. If his candidacy dies on the vine due to financial malnutrition…oh well. I’m voting with my wallet. And my conscience.

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