Sunday, January 04, 2009

Evidence That God Exists-Proof #169,758,452,068,559,215 (Approximation)

"Em Talon was her name. Past 70 years, just shy of six feet tall, and all alone. The human coyotes who wanted to kill her were waiting just outside the range of her Sharps rifle; they would catch her sleeping, and that would be it. She couldn't stay awake forever; so far she had gotten by with cat naps. But it was only a matter of time."

Em Talon would scoff at being part of a spiritual allegory, but that's okay-she was only the product of Louis L'Amour's imagination, notably in the book, "Ride The Dark Trail".

Em and her husband had homesteaded, built up their herds, made a great life in a wilderness of what would one day be Colorado. Fifty years on, her husband had been killed by men working for Jake Flanner, who wears the proverbial black hat in L'Amour's book. Flanner's men were now waiting to kill Em Talon.

By now, you see where I'm going with this: Israel made a homestead in a wilderness, established by God, legally set in their land by a league of nations. It was a wilderness, a broken down dump which had been treated as a contemptible wasteland for nearly 2000 years. In 1948 any peoples who did not want to live under the rule of the Israeli government were free to leave. Some stayed, accepting Israeli rule, becoming Israeli citizens. But many left and joined the surrounding nations who set on Israel with the intent of destroying the newborn state.
Israel won that war, and was established, started making the dump into a beautiful oasis.
Israel won the next war also.
And the next.
And the next.
And every skirmish and battle since 1948.

Jake Flanner had no legal right to the Talon homestead.
The obfuscating, lying peoples firing rockets into Israel have no legal right to the land they are attempting to steal. The 'refugee camps' where decades of peoples have camped on Israel's doorstep were an invention of the modern day Flanners: Arafat and the misnamed PLO. The camps only purpose is to provide an excuse for the continued war against Israel.

I mentioned in the title proof of the existence of God. Even if you have no faith in God, you can believe your own eyes: the hatred against Israel defies any reason or rule. To any impartial observer, Israel has the right to be safe within it's own borders. They have not had an inch of land given to them-it's all been fought for, and won in battle, many battles. To the winner goes the spoils, and Israel is the winner.
The hatred Israel inspires is spiritual; the world which wants to ignore God has to deal with His marker, His little state of Israel which He promises to make His throne when the surrounding nations become His footstool. Herod 2000 years ago tried to frustrate God's promised redemption by killing all the young boys born in Bethlehem. Later Satan tried to tempt Jesus to avoid the cross, and he was no more successful than Herod: epic fail, indeed.
The world is readying itself for the most epic failure of all time: to stop the return of the Lord by doing away with His throne, His special possession: Israel. It couldn't have been born a nation without God making it happen. It couldn't have survived all these years without His protection. Look at a map-Israel is barely a stone on the beach, compared to other countries...but that stone tosses the entire world into uproar simply by existing. That is proof of the existence of God.
postscript: if you haven't read the book, Em Talon was a Sackett, and other Sacketts came to her rescue.
I love happy endings.

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