Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On An Unsanitary Dromedary In A Heap Of Self Delusion

One of the reasons I mistrust some elements of what is referred to as "Pentecostalism" is that hearts and emotions are engaged, with 'the experience' given more credence than it deserves. I'm writing this as one who was in Pentecostal churches for years, and found 'the experience' lacking Biblical foundation.
I would not waste much breath, however, attempting to dissuade a Pentecostal from the elements they have put their faith in. You can't argue against an emotion, though you can lose friends in the attempt.
But this post isn't about Pentecostalism, it's about unreasoning fools who are led by their emotions into self delusion, cutting off their heads to spite their feet. I have no friends to lose here.
If you click on the post title, you will click through to the Zombietime page where Zombie highlights the latest anti-Israel protest in California. Zombie is a photojournalist well positioned to keep an eye on the nutcases, as he/she lives in the San Francisco area. Zombie maintains gender anonymity so as to keep off the moonbat radar as much as possible.
Zombie, in the post, makes note that the gay activists boosting Hamas over Israel are in effect siding with their enemy against their friend. Being gay in Palestine under Hamas rule is a death sentence. Being gay in Israel is unremarkable.
Also of note: the anti-Israeli agitators in California are exercising their Freedom of Speech, calling for the destruction of one of the few democracies in the Middle East , Israel. But if they were 'Palestinian citizens' in Gaza agitating against Hamas...they would probably be killed. Those living in Gaza have only the right to remain silent, as blood is shed in their name.
Violent anti-war protesters? Peace warriors? Calling for peace while siding with the warmakers against the innocent? Fools, stupid fools, led by their sinful hearts to do evil in the name of good.
For those of you who have given up on deciphering the titles of my posts, to 'carry water' for someone is to act as their proxy; the anti-Israeli protesters in California are 'carrying the water' of Hamas, Hezbollah and ultimately Iran, the entity using Hamas and Hezbollah as proxies to attack Israel.
A dromedary is a camel, which can carry quite a bit of water. And there's a creek nearby somewhere.

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