Sunday, January 18, 2009

That's going To Leave A Mark

Only a few short hours left before the End Of Days-just kidding-before the inauguration of the last President of the United States. joke!
I have a feeling that Obama gained quite a few votes merely on the assumption that his winning would drive us Conservatives into kaleidoscope conniptions. That the idea of him as CiC would drain our brain pans, make us cry, run off to Canada, or possibly dance awkwardly.
Sorry, happy campers and camp followers. Maybe next time, if there are any more nexts. joke duex!
Mankind (unkind) has trusted in many icons and saviors through the centuries. All the former saviors who were supposed to lead us into a bright future (which would turned out to be blind fools lost in the dark.
I am holding-my-breath-fascinated, waiting to see what Obama does to this world. I see some possible great things on the horizon, and I'm not being sarcastic in this part:

I think that the world is going to continue to get darker and more dangerous as the Obama admin belly flops on its face in full disgrace. The worse he makes things, the harder life becomes...and the more people may realize that there is no hope without God.
Every failed 'secular' empire throughout history has dehumanized man, outlawed God...and persecuted Believers. The result? More Believers. More Christians. Revival. Coming soon, God willing, to your hometown.
Is that where Obama may lead us? We shall see. Sooner than quicker. Keep oil in your lamp.

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