Thursday, June 18, 2009

The North Korean Clam Chowder and Debate Society

How is this for keeping relevant? I mention K-Fed Jong Il in a comment, and he shows up for his class picture wearing Ray Bans and a lousy jacket. I found the picture on Briebart's site Big Hollywood-the story had to do with Kim extending the good right hand of fellowship...across the border into China, where his forces kidnapped two American journalists, accused them of spying on NK, found them guilty and sentenced the spy/journalists to 12 years of hard labor. The good news? They will be at a Reform camp, so they have an opportunity to become better people. Hi fives!
Kim J also suggested gently that if any of his ships carrying fissionable weaponized...butter churns...were stopped while on their way to terrorist...butter churn fanatics...he would consider such interference to be an act of war.
I am heartened to see that there is only one symbolic rifle positioned above Kims head in the family photo-two guns might be considered overkill.
I'm awaiting President Obama's reaction to Kim Jong Il's saber rattling. Maybe Obama will bomb Israel or something.

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