Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Space….is not the final frontier. Only spatially, in a point A to point Z kind of way. Here’s the here’s:
I’m ancient in dog years, but doing pretty good in Doug years. I watched Stat Trek when it was first on, and hated that it was cancelled, a child’s first disappointment.
A bit later my family is visiting relatives in an urban area, the TV is on and…Star Trek! How is this possible, I ask?
Re-runs, I am told. Oh. The concept of programming being re-broadcast enters my reality.
So now, 18 parsecs from that small world era where I would join Kirk and Spock in beaming down to some alien desert with big paper mache` rocks…J.J. Abrams, (who I suspect was my kindred kid back in my day) has brought it all home. And I’m beaming.

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