Saturday, November 28, 2009

Almost Part Of Life

Considering my last post, it probably isn't wise to post now about suicide, but when was I ever accused of wisdom?
For the record, I’m not a good candidate-I’m expecting to be alive for eternity, in a glorified body, praising God. This temporary green room of a life, with its ups and downs, isn’t going to win any awards, but it is what it is. Temporary. Livable. Sometimes full of giggles.
So why post about suicide?
Circumstance, friends. There have been quite a few too many people in my area recently who have killed themselves . That touches us all.
Here’s something to consider: God sets the number of our days, just as surely as every hair on our heads is countable. He allots to each of us a finite number of minutes this side of the grave. How we die is not nearly as important as how we live.
Not everyone has the comfort of knowing that God loves them, cares for them, has a Hope ready to carry them through the tough times we inflict on each other down here.
All the more reason to proclaim the Gospel, and let people know that there is a bright future ahead. And also let people know that the present day mess doesn’t have to kill them.
Would a Born again Christian suicide? It has happened. We are human still, and even those who belong to God may find the present life unbearable.
But it is bearable. We continue to live and work and play and wait.

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