Saturday, November 14, 2009

Casablanca Obverse

Oh no, you say-another one of those posts. I know some prefer the politi-bitters, or the theologic cambrianism.
But again, Doug with the old movies full of actors who have been dead lately.
According to the imdb, Alida Valli, pictured above with Joseph Cotton, passed from this world all the way back in 2006. Also according to imdb, she was in over 100 films-I just watched "The Third Man" after having heard about it for quite.
Leave it to say that it was much better because of her work in the movie. If you haven't seen it, or not for awhile, I encourage you to track it down, see for yourself what Cinema used to be.
Endnote: Among the few extras on the Criterion Collection disc is a casual picture from production in Vienna- the director Carol Reed visited by Cary Grant and Ann Sheridan, filming "I Was A Male War Bride" right in the near. Comedy meets Tragedy over tea. How very British.

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