Friday, November 06, 2009

Post 580! Whoop De Do!

Consider this a rebut from all of the terribles going on in the world.

Oklahoma and Dr Zhivago are very well known, which is why I didn’t give many clues. The other movie is “Very Other”. The tag line is: “The motion picture with something to offend everyone!” and it certainly attempts to do just that. “The Loved One” came out the same year as “Dr. Zhivago”, with two very interesting performances from Rod Steiger.
Of course, Christianity is one of the elements which gets the greatest going over. But it’s a strawman religion that gets set fired to-Christianity as perceived by Hollywood. It misses what should have been an easy target, not that I’m complaining.
Many of the ‘closeted gay Hollywood’ community of the 1960’s appear in this movie, gathered by the director for his own reasons. It goes beyond co-incidence that the chaps are acting together here.
The movie is hilarious, and, when it misses a mark, it isn’t from a lack of effort. Rod Steiger as Mr Joyboy (the character is straight, but the movie?) is worth the price of a rental/purchase by himself, but his mother...
So ends the weakest movie quiz ever. James wins, as the only participant.
If you haven’t seen these movies, I encourage you to seek them out.

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