Tuesday, January 19, 2010

He Doesn't LOOK Like Trouble, But...

Scott Brown is a Republican, soon to be the junior Senator from
Massachusetts. As he noted during a recent debate, it isn't Ted Kennedy's seat, but the people's seat that he will be filling.
It is wonderful, it is pleasant, but it is no surprize. If the Democrats led by President Obama hadn't been so adamant about changing the country into a Nannystate, if the Dems had listened to the people protesting against their abuses of power...I think that a Democrat would have have been victorious tonight.
Be ready for the pushback-Dems will say that this doesn't mean anything, that he's just one vote out of 100, but I think that the political reality will have many Democrats putting as much distance between themselves and Obamacare as they can ahead of the Fall elections.
Congratulations to Senator-elect Brown!

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