Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Taking Leave Of Our Census

No thanks, no way, no how. Nyet nyet nyet. Catch you next decade, if there is one.
I want no part in this U.S. Census.
Back in 1999/2000 I was a Census foot soldier, knocking on doors, doing interviews, filling out paperwork and leaving/picking up questionnaires. It was my third job. Working maintenance for a ski resort was my prime, custodial/maintenance for an art gallery second, and then the Census. My hobby back then was trying to keep my girlfriend happy which, like most hobbies, turned out to be quite expensive, making three jobs a necessity.
But now? No thank you. I would not want to be knocking on doors, representing the U.S. Government in Obama’s America. I dealt with suspicious people ten years ago-now I’ve joined them. I mistrust the Obama administration, and I expect that it will make as much a mess of the Census as it does everything else it touches.
So…will I fill out the questionnaire? Yes. If I’m interviewed, will I answer questions? Yes. Those are my duties as a citizen. But I want to enter Heaven with as clear a conscience as possible, so no Census/Government work during the Obama years. Bring on the Palin years!

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