Sunday, January 03, 2010

"I'n Not As Think As You Drunk I Am"

I don’t know why they keep bothering to put TV beer commercials on during sports events such as the football games playing right now. I’m not going to buy beer, and they’re just wasting their money, trying to get mine for their alcohol beverages.
Not a New Year’s Resolution Hinterlude: Last year I determined to “give up” soda, pop, whatever you want to call the carbonated drinks. Colas. Root Beer. All of it. I began freezing water bottles, both at work and home, as a healthier, much cheaper alternative. A bottle 2/3rds filled with ice, topped off, would remain cold all through my shift/night.
How long did my NYResolution last? It’s still ongoing, proof that we CAN change habits for the better. I’ve begun a new habit breaker this year which I’ll tell about next January.
Back to the beer commercials. Of course I understand the concept of broadcast advertising-I’m going to get all kinds of adverts pointed at me which I couldn’t care less about. Plenty of alkies ARE the target audience.
And they probably wouldn’t appreciate being referred to as alkies. Fair enough.
The Gospel is being broadcast throughout the world, and you may feel that you are not the target audience, that you don’t want what Christians are selling. You certainly wouldn’t appreciate being referred to as a ‘sinner’. Fair enough.
The difference is: although not all who drink alcohol are alcoholics, we all ARE sinners. You can ignore the Gospel as I do the beer commercials, but where beer can only ruin your life, rejecting the Gospel can ruin your after-Life.
Not a New Years Resolution Hinterlude: The devil doesn’t NEED an advocate, but playing one for a moment and a few lines, consider this:
If I were wrong about God, if there were no Father God, no Jesus Christ, no Holy Spirit, and life was limited only to our physical lifetime-no Heaven, no Hell, just life, then death and then nothing…
I would still be all the richer for the lessons learned in this life as a Christian. To be honest, to strive to do good and BE good, to be at Peace with my fellow man, recognizing that all mankind is equal, irregardless of race or country…
Christians are the Best citizens of the world, even in this world of sin.
But I am not wrong about God, and we live beyond our physical death, either entering into Heaven or Hell.
Happy New Year.

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