Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Man Corrupts..Absolute Man Corrupts Absotively

I know-’absotively’ isn’t a true word, but a corruption of ‘absolutely/positively’. My point.

The newish film “The Invention Of Lying” which has sllthered out from under the rock which is Ricky Gervais’ mind…is purported to be the greatest condemnation of Religion and Christianity since last week. Before you rush off to the Red Box, friends, let me tell you something of this movie which I haven’t seen- “There Will Be Boredom”.
How can I crit a movie unseen? I’ve heard it.
Before there was an American verion of “The Office” I had the Brit original on DVD-Gervais was the best and worst parts of the show. Best in writing, worst in mugging/acting/ ego trippin’.
Then came the Ricky Gervais pod cast, in which Ricky and Steve (his partner in all things comedic) shined a tinny little light on the musings of their buddy Karl Pilkington.
Goldmine. Lottery win. Free breakfast at IHOP. Digging into the Pilkington gave us hours of audio enjoyment-it was ferociously funny, and Karl’s dim views were the highlights of the show.
The lowlight was Ricky Gervais pronouncing his screeds against all religions, most definitely including Christianity which isn’t one; Gervais lumped them all together to dismiss with extreme prejudice.
So please, if you are looking for an atheistic stemwinder disguised as a RomCom… “The Invention Of Lying” might just be your cuppa.
I must plug this, for all the fun I’ve gotten there: click on my title post to read the Blu Ray review of “The Invention Of Lying” by Kenneth Brown. Free Cookies!

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