Thursday, April 29, 2010

As the Federal Government does not obey it's own laws with regard to 'illegal immigration', Arizona passed it's own law, one which they will enforce. Arizonians cheer this law.
For this lawful act, the state of Arizona has earned President Obama's scorn.
For this lawful act, Arizona has earned my praise and admiration.
Some of the goofier liberals are demanding that all things Arizona be boycotted, including the Arizona Diamondbacks.
"We'll teach you a lesson, Arizona! D-backs come to OUR town and you will see..."empty seats!"
Of course, it's April for one more day, and there are empty seats in every stadium until the schools let out, but still...Forrest's Mom was right.
President Obama is, as others have said, siding with the lawbreaking illegals against the American people. They can have him.

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