Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Snowy Mountaintop

I mentioned recently (April 1st post) that I have been ‘Doug in motion’-exercising to fend off physical ailments in my later years, as best I can. Being in better shape will hopefully keep my blood pressure low enough to avoid pills, blood sugar low to avoid diabetes, and generally keep me fit.
It would be futile to expect that my better health will somehow make me invulnerable to getting old.
This sinful flesh profits nothing. Nothing. We age and die in our time.
But I see God’s Grace at work in our years:
Boys live forever.
Man, so proud in his strength, his abilities,he feels that he WILL live forever, so he has no need for God.
But God is patient, and, in some cases, He allots enough years to a man so that he can grow old,
humbling prideful Man with age, with illness; some who would not seek His face in their youth may cry out to their Creator as they approach Eternity.
Note that I said, ‘in some cases’. None of us are promised a minimum number of years-babies aborted in the womb are denied even a ‘birth’. God sets the number of our years.
It hurts to see some of my elderly friends becoming more frail, but I know that God has ahold of their hands.
If God gives me a long life down here on Earth, I will survive just as I do today, by God’s Grace.
May He grant you the faith to believe and become a partaker of that same Grace, for the duration of your time here and into eternity.

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