Saturday, April 17, 2010

People In Motion

"The preservation of liberty is up to the people"

Sort of. In a way. Kinda yup, kinda nope.
I have great respect for the people in our country who have spoken up about the 'coarse' our country has been on.
The "Tea Party" peoples-may God Bless them!- are Patriots with a capital "P", exercising their rights of assembly, free speech and dissent against a Government they feel is harming instead of helping our country.
"Tax Day 2010" saw many Tea Parties hosted across our nation.
I didn't go to a rally, but instead did my part by going to work.
Here's the 'kinda nope' part.
God is in charge, and for His own good reasons He has established the Government we have.
Throughout the Bible there are examples of God punishing the Israelites with an evil king when they would go off into idolatry, ignoring Him and His Law. The evil king would make things so bad that the peoples would then cry out to God, repenting of their sin, begging for deliverance from the king.
While I cheer on the Tea Party people, I think we will accomplish more by seeking God, asking Him to deliver us from evil. For His is the Kingdom, now and forever.


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