Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Mirthday, Peoples!

Well, it's over at last-the epic Smurphtastic "Avatar" has broken out on Bludvd in celebration (read:commercialization) of Earthday. Save the planet by shelling out hard earned to be lectured to by a hug-treer. Nah.
Looking around in 2010, I see a Government at odds with its peoples, a world in denial about God,
people acting like they are somebody when they aren' makes you either cry at the tragedy or laugh at the comedy. I do both.
But today, a beautiful day, a Friday ahead of a weekend...laughter or tears, I hope that this is a great day for you.
Postscript: If they remade "Avatar" as an earthbound urban drama, you'd have the Bruce Willis movie of last year, "The Surrogates". No Smurphette?

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