Wednesday, May 19, 2010


And I hope that it is a beautiful "Draw Mohammed Day" wher'ere y'ar. Click on the title link to go to the facebook page for 'Draw Mohammed Day' if so inclined. May 20 is the proposed date, so I'm just a lil' early.
If you think about it, Islam is stupid and dangerous about images of their very human, hardly holy sinful "leader".
Jesus is all over the place. You can't walk in Catamaran without tripping over Buddahs. Michelangelo's masterpiece "David" shows a Jewish sheepherder and no one in the Hebraic community gets steamed about it.
But some pedophile creep terrorist who murdered untold numbers of innocent peoples is so holy that it's considered a capital crime to depict him in any way? Nah.
Lacking any aritstic talent, how could I join in the 'Draw Mohammed Fun'? I want to play!
Bottom right, below Sarah's elbow. Some dust on the table in the Kuwaiti chow hall-that's all that would be left of Mohammed in 2010. The ashes to dust at least-the rest is burning in hell right now.

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