Saturday, May 08, 2010


Just rusing the per today-thinking about thought, about know ledges and wise doms.
I just counted, and my Internet is basically 26 sites wide, meaning that I have fewer bookmarks than your average first grader.
Of couse I (using myself as an example) go to more than 26 sites on the 'Net, but my bookmarks are where I usually start from.
It doesn't matter if I (or any of us) is rowing a boat on the ocean-we only see/know/use our little corner of the water, if unfrozen water could be said to have corners. The internet may have billions of pages, but all I care about are my 26 plus.
I've been reading in Ecclesiastes that there is nothing new under the sun. Of course, King Solomon hadn't seen a single youtube karaoke, but he is still right.
Imagine trying to stump the King by attempting to show him NEW items under the sun:
"O King Solomon! Here is an iPad! Something new!"
"That's mighty nice, Doug. It has 3G, a book reader function, pictures, and music, right?
We had words, drawings and singing in my Kingdom, and we didn't invent any of those-they were old then."
"But King, this iPad has gigs of memory!"
"Memory. Storage, right? We had storage; we kept our memories IN those songs and writings."
"Okay, King Solomon, but we have Islam on the earth now-that's something new to you, isn't it?"
"New to me? They worship what started out as a moon goddess, right? Now it's supposed to be God in Heaven? Oh, that's original! Doug, we chased their forefathers out of Judah and they're still whining about it."
"We've been to the moon!"
"You, personally?"
"No, but..."
"The moon. I looked at that same moon in my nights and you know what? It hasn't changed.
Your people got there in a spaceship, right?"
"I know, I know-you had ships back then."
"That's right, built by men to carry them elsewhere. Your spaceships are only that."
"King Solomon, one final question for the wisest King ever: could you tell me how President Obama's initiatives can possibly benefit the United States?"
"WHAT? You want me to say that here? Do you realize the tax burden I'm already under as the richest man ever? I should WANT another bullseye painted on the back of my royal robe? Stop the interview!"

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