Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Love The Smell Of Peace In The Morning

A few months ago I posted oddly, a picutre post titled:

I didn’t explain, but expected that anyone curious enough to google Linebarger might find that he led an interesting life.
So…why today? Why another post on some ancient sci fi author?
Peace, man. Sharing an example of Peace.
I may make a mess of the details, as my book with this info is out on loan, but in short:
During the Korean War, Linebarger was an officer with the OSS/CIA.
A number of Chinese soldiers were trying to surrender to our forces, but were getting shot to ribbons.
Linebarger, fluent in Chinese, made contact with the lower Chinese command and told them, “When your men are trying to surrender, have them shout these words: (examples-I don’t have the book) Red Fish! Orange-Blue! Egg!”
In Chinese these are nonsense, but to English listeners, the words sounded like, “We Surrender! Don’t shoot! We give up!”
Peace, man.

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