Saturday, May 15, 2010

If I Ran The World…

As the saying goes-”If” is for children. “If” is the province located one step away from Reality, which we can call “Is”, as in, “It is what it is.”
It’s dangerous to hunt crocodiles in the swamp-it is their home ground/water, and they have great advantage over humans who like to stand upright on dry land.
I am going to take a chance, and venture into “IF”-the home ground of Liberals (and other children). Without “IF”, they couldn’t handle “IS”. They need to be lifted up by their hopes and dreams above Reality which proves their ideas to be foolish and dangerous exercises in delusion.
“IF’ can be argued all day, until tempers are shortened and jaws tired. I usually don’t waste time on “IF”.
But now I will, for this post, in order to outline what I would do if I had a position of power to change the world.
First and foremost, I wouldn’t want that power. This is a sinful, fallen world, and I wouldn’t want to hold life or death sway over ANYONE.
I am waiting for the return of Jesus Christ, Who will rule the world from His city, Jerusalem. He will sort things out.
But until His return, IF I were in a position of power where I could change the world to how I feel that it should be, I would:

1. Exterminate all religions. Be it Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Festivus, etc etc. etc. Gone.
All wiped off the face of the earth. Each and every one of them is evil, sinful, wrong.
Man has in his heart a ‘random religion generator’ which kicks in when Man wants to replace God with a god of his own creation. This happens when Man sins, knows that he has sinned, but doesn’t dare face the true God. So simple sinful Simon makes up a god he can bow down to which he hopes can absolve him of his sin. He’ll light candles, sing songs, maybe sacrifice a goat or a child to his god. Maybe he’ll even wage war against anyone who refuses to recognize his god. People can get pretty righteously outrageous while practicing their false religion!

2. Abortion. You knew this one made my list. Killing children is only legal because of the political fiction that they are not human beings. Here’s your classic liberal ‘If’-
“IF they are not yet out of the womb, they do not in fact exist!”
Yes they do, butchie. Your ‘If’ is trumped by “IS”.
If I could change the world, the actual reality of a baby being a living person endowed with rights and privileges would be globally recognized. And more children would survive. Even Liberal children deserve the right to breathe air.

3. Remember-this is my “IF” list, what I would do to change the world to one of my liking. I would go all “John the Baptist”, as in “Prepare ye the way of the Lord!”.
I know that Christ will return someday. I would do what I could to get the peoples of the earth ready for that Day.
This would include having the Gospel preached throughout the world.
And I would make the world recognize that Israel not only does exist (It is what it Is!) but that, when Christ returns, it will be the place through which the entire world will be blessed. So get in line with “IS” now-respect and honor Israel; denounce, reject and outlaw all those with animus against Israel and the Jews.

4. I’d throw a pile of money at Chris Nolan to get cooking on the next Dark Knight movie. No 3D.

Your list will differ. Maybe you're looking forward to Batman 3D. ever 30

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