Friday, November 05, 2010

Coldish Sunlight

Things work funny. I now live in a house which was built the year that Toulouse-Latrec painted this picture.
God has Blessed me in so many ways, that I can't keep up counting. That doesn't mean that I don't have struggles and troubles like everyone else; it means that if I need a house, God makes it possible for me to buy a house. All good gifts come from above.
Does that mean that I can depend on God?
Does that mean that I can live foolishly, rack up credit card debt, borrow more and more and lose the house?
I CAN...but I won't. God sets examples all though His word for us to follow if we wish to live well. If I practice those precepts, I will be fine.
If I did the foolish things, God may choose to bless me with a harder struggle, a more troubled road for my journey. Who needs that? Hopefully, not me.
As for the title-it's chilly here, as we head towards Winter with a capital 'W'. I enjoy a cold house, and, as I no longer have to adjust temperature for the comfort of others, I can set the thermostat to make my home as cool as I am. (joke)
May God extend His Grace to you and put in your heart a desire for Him.

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Doug said...

I enjoy the peace, living alone.
But I also look forward to hosting parties/dinners once I get the house in shape. I have many friends who have helped me in my move, and I thank God for all of them.