Thursday, November 18, 2010

Faith Like A Rock

Perlous Times, my friends. Not one worry.
It has been quite a journey the past few years-life shaken and stirred...but not failed.
Faith in God keeps me thrivin' and not merely survivin'.
Those who think that any faith in anything is good enough are wrong, deadly wrong.
Some worldly gurus receive adulation and praise for "holy deep thoughts" such as:
"Today is yesterday's tomorrow." or "Love is all you need."
Thanks for nothing, Johnny Ace.
Actually, Jesus Christ is all you and I and any of us need. With Christ, we have God.
Those of us who have been Blessed to become part of His family will have unlimited tomorrows, eternal Love.
This present world matters less than nothing. What matters is how we respond to God, to His Good News of salvation being available as a free gift right from His Mercy seat.
Ask God for the faith to believe, and He may extend His Grace to you, even you. Wow.

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Doug said...

The house I now live in is a gift from God. It is only temporary, and when I'm done with it I'm done, but for now it is my place. It can not compare with Heaven, which is simply the place where God is. Look for me there when we all get to Heaven.