Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Weekend, Everybody!

I mean, why should Friday get all of the moneylove when there's an entire weekend following behind it?
We had a ver' nice Thanksgiving yesterday-a great meal and lots of fine conversation. No major caster-taffies.
I call it a win.
But back to Black. I will be celebrating Black Friday by refusing to go into debt-MY ink will remain Black in my checkbook, if you know what I mean.
T'is the season, I guess. Being fiscally responsible is Always in season. Hava Happy.

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Doug said...

Okay, one funny. Someone yesterday was wearing a "Griswold Family Christmas" shirt, which was well received. It pictured the Griswold's
car overladen with the giant tree from the opening of "Christmas Vacation"; the proud wearer noted that the car was wrong-it was actually the family truckster from the first movie.
That shirt added to the good mood yesterday-as I said, it was a win.
Hope that you Holiday season is wunnerful