Sunday, November 28, 2010

When a Zombie Meets A Mummy Comin’ Through The Wry

Please forgive me for the title-my unrefined mind sometimes makes me giggle. I just watched “The Mummy” last night, the one with Rachel Weisz and Brendan Fraser standing in for Harrison Ford and Karen Allen. It’s a charming movie, full of fun moments.
Of, course, the mythos/paganism of “Mummery” is nonsense, but no more non-sensical than the “Zombies”  presented in Frank Darabont’s AMC series “The Walking Dead”.
Here’s a co-incidence for you-I just checked and both Karloff’s “The Mummy” and Lugosi’s “White Zombie” premiered in 1932. Huh.
Anyway, back to the front of the post.
Vampires. Mummys. Frankenstein’s Monster. Zombies. Sounds like our fear of death makes us create boogeymen who have another life after death. Sometimes they have superpowers and can fly, and are impervious to conventional weaponry.  I’m not afraid of anything…except a lit match. (IF I only had a brain!)
Man can imagine just about anything…but what does God say?
“1 A good name is better than a good ointment, And the day of one’s death is better than the day of one’s birth.” Ecclesiastes 7:1
What? How can that be? People are cheered at a baby’s birth, but we grieve someone’s passing.
Maybe we have it wrong. We are born into a sinful world, and a baby child has a lifetime of struggles and pains ahead of him or her. Decades, maybe a century of tears here in…this.
Someone passing from this sinful world, however, is on the doorstep of Eternity, entering into Rest and Peace if they belong to God-I think that was Solomon’s/God’s point.
It isn’t wrong to cheer for a baby’s birth; we praise God for children as they are a gift from Him.
But we should also cheer when one of God’s children passes beyond this troubled world into His rest.
I call that a win.
post script post: Leslie "Shirley aka Frank Drebin" Nielsen died yesterday...this picture fit so better and if it seems in poor taste...Leslie would love that.

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Doug said...

Those who know me well know that I am not making light of the subject-I am sensitive to the feeling of grief for those who have lost loved ones.
Yes, we grieve-but then we move on.
I personally would prefer to be done with this present world. I haven't a 'deathwish'-I have a 'lifewish', to be alive forever with Christ.
I'll be here as long as He wishes me to be, but when the call comes, I'm gone. Over 25 years ago I wrote a song called, "Cry no tears for me". I've been ready for quite awhile.