Tuesday, February 01, 2011

No Mail Tomorrow Carried By Groundhogs

It's too perfect to pass up, and, although I may be echoed on a million blogs, you can say you read it here first.
Egypt. Jordan. Pakistan, Afghanistan, all the Stans. Going through the same troubles ancestrally handed down from father uprising to child unresting. Just as if they are doomed to replay the same day of revolt over and over again until...what? What? What happens after a revolt?
In America, revolt was followed by a Democracy where, until recently, the people governed themselves.
In most of the rest of the world (are you listening Iran?) revolt leads to despotism and people in chains. (Cuba?-is that you?)
If the Muslim Brotherhood takes over in Egypt, for example, it will not be the dawning of a new day of freedom for the Egyptian people. It will be Shariah, and the type of religious despotism that our leftist boneheads declare to be their greatest fear if another Christian enters the White House.
Only here in America that is a fantasy-no Christian is going to impose Christianity as a state religion. Egypt? It's been on the ropes, fighting against the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood for decades. The referee has started the count. It's over.

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Doug said...

You might be wondering about the picture, why I didn't show Bill Murray in all of his "Don't Drive Angry!" glory.
um...have you seen Bill lately?
Andie Mac and a clover eating groundhog ftw.