Thursday, February 24, 2011

The World We Live In

For now. For those kooky Arabs all across  the middle east, it must seem as if their meds are wearing off en masse. Which is plainspeak for all tarnation is breaking out.
Unrest is unresting all over the political map-if the graphics were showing snowfall instead of political downfalls, we'd be looking at the Blizzard of the Century!
But it ain't snow, folks. It's all part of God's plan-as is everything else that hasppens from here to wherever there is.
Though the entire world become unhinged all at once, God is rock steady, and His children are safe. Even as buildings fall in Kiwiland...God is in charge, and all is well.
Personally, also-if your life is in tumult, if it is crumbling...God still is on His throne, and He offers the only Peace which can comfort body and soul. We only live in this world for a little while. Eternity with God makes the momentary lapses of reason we experience down here seem like piffles. Fear not. Fret not. Don't worry.
Praise God for every day that you continue to live. Viskas bus gerai.

1 comment:

Doug said...

Keith Green sang:
"Just keep on doing your best-
pray that it's Blest-
He'll take care of the rest."

It really is that simple.