Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Offended In Church

Okay, right up front: the picture has nothing to do with the post. I looked on the 'nets for suitable images, and naught caught my eye, so I doug into my archives and pulled an old 'graph that I've used before.
S'okay. Don't be offended by recycling.
I missed church the other night as I was talking with a friend. It reminded me of another friend who, when I mentioned that I had to get to an evening service, was all, "What? Twice in one day? Bummer."
It would be a bummer for him. Church means God, and God means pain, torture and judgment. Who wants more of that?
If you play poker, you know all about "tells". This attitude of wanting to avoid God is a 'tell' that that person has no relationship with God.
You might be thinking that that is OBVIOUS. Not done yet, sport.
You see, there are a LOT of people who consider themselves "Christian" because of the church they grew up in.
But they 'outgrew' their faith and now visit churches only for funerals and weddings.
You can fool yourself, but you can't fool God. He knows who is praying and who is playing.
I have been offended in church. Not by Christians, but by wannabes going through the motions attempting to act "Christian enough" for the few minutes they must be in attendance. It is repugnant to me and I believe that it is also repugnant to God. False worship makes Him angry.
Bottom line: if you aren't a Christian, please stay away from church. A sincere sinner is better than a hypocritical one.


Doug said...

I wouldn't say that 'no-one ever gets saved in church or in church events, because God will work and draw someone to Himself at any time.
But church is our Holy place where we worship God. Wherever two or more are gathered in His name is church.
I am offended by those who want to join in that on their own terms, without being drawn to worship by God.
If the thought of church attendance seems like torture, if you agree to attend out of guilt or to please family...stay away, please.

LGR said...

I've known lots of people who have been saved by coming to our church, including our assistant pastor. :-) Unless the unsaved are in some way distracting in their actions while there, I am glad they are there. God would desire that all be saved. I'm glad when the hypocrites show up. Maybe that day is their day!