Sunday, February 20, 2011

Unauthorized Personnel Only

Sometimes I weaken and seek out entertainment that is really bad. Movies which are so horribly done that they amuse me in ways not intended by their makers.
The classic of all unclassiness for me will always be, "Roller Boogie"-look it up, cherish the bad. But I recently found a contender for that unsavory throne: "Airplane Two-The Sequel". Not done by the Zucker brothers-the studio hired some no-name...wait...I just checked IMDB to see if this guy had done anything at all memorable.
He once hired Michael O'Donoghue for a movie-that and "Airplane Two-The Sequel" are the highlights of his entire life.
This...guy...named Ken Finkelman wrote and directed "AT-TS" so he's a double threat. He took every single gag that was even moderately amusing in the first movie and pounds them into the ground over and over again.
Poor Robert Hays. Poor Julie Hagerty. They seem embarrassed to be found acting in the movie. Hays more than once looks into the camera, seeming to apologize for what he has accepted money to act out which ISN'T
Cardinal rule for a comedy: be funny. The only giggle thing in the movie (so far-40 minutes in and I might never get back to it) was a sign in the airport which stated the name of this post. That's it. Yee-haw.


Doug said...

If you have any bad movies for me to check out, let er rip.

Anonymous said...

Stan Helsing: Worst. Movie. EVER! Rarely do I shut off a movie 1/3 of the way through ... but yep, just awful.

- James