Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Moon Is A Harsh Minstrel

Yeah, that's about the right color, if the wrongish flawer. I didn't know what was growing under my bay window-it turned out to be tulips red like this rose. I had to protect them from animal type nibblers, and they are doing fine.
Speaking of fine, I have been blessed with an answered prayer, and it reminds me that God is good, and is in charge of even the little details. My life is a little detail.
If you want a bit o fun, and have grown tired of the Harold Camping comedy, check out Chuck Missler. I caught one of his broadcasts, and was impressed with the Scripture study. I googled Missler to see what he was about and found this self important goof on youtube who claims that Missler is of the devil. Self important goof is wrong, and probably has cooties. I d/l Missler's studies on iTunes, and have enjoyed them, so the S-I-G would probably think I was full of 'devilry' too.
Ah well. My unofficial training in psychology (a story you won't read here) has given me a sort of radar for oddballs and cootie sufferers. Ping!

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