Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Past Will Catch Up With Us In The Future

Don't waste much time trying to figure out the title-it doesn't really mean anything, kinda sorta.
If you look to the right of the page to the pretty red and white boat, you are looking at my past.
The main significance of the boat that you see is that it is the place where I became a Christian, down below deck there between the "83" and the anchor.
God got me to the place where I needed to be to reach out to Him, and that day, back in the late 1970' life as a new creation in Christ began. I didn't understand all that happened when it happened, but I knew instantly that it HAD happened, and I haven't had a molecule of doubt about God since that day.
One of the first Christian books that I found and read was Hal Lindsey's "The Late Great Planet Earth" where he predicted that Christ would return to set up His Kingdom by the late 1980's.
As Joe Bob Briggs would say, "El Wrongo."
Lindsey did have quite a bit of information right, but his (pessimistic) assumptions were way off. He thought that things were soooooooooo bad back then that Christ HAD to be coming soon.
He's not alone-history is littered with those who have felt that "Things are worse than EVER!"
Actually, we humans with our extremely limited perspective can hardly comprehend how things are in our own particular vicinity, let alone world-wide.
Trust in God who sees everything-His perspective trumps ours in every possible way. If you just shook you heart NO in disagreement-God, who looks in the hearts of men saw it. Comprehend that.


Doug said...

Yes, this is another answer to the Harold Camping prediction. What a sad case. Please don't judge a perfect God by His imperfect children (myself included).

Doug said...