Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Windom Earle For President!

No, not the Canuck band-the real deal Windom Earle. So far I haven't seen anyone on the sane side (Republican) who sparks an iota of interest. I expect Don Trump's lifelong ego trip will not make a stop in the Oval office. He's been dead to me since the 1980's.
Newt? Newt is the John McCain of Republicans-too old, too entrenched in the problems of Washington to be counted on to know anything of Solutions.
Sarah Palin hasn't announced, and may not run. Until she or another strong Conservative tosses hat in ring, I nominate Windom Earle.
A lifetime of government service, but he magically remains an outsider, much  like President Obama claimed to be in the last election.
He's a widower, which may be a negative to some; I know that Earle would focus on the job of being leader of the free world with a lazerlike attention to detail. He's always been very good at the details. Very, very good!
Nixon played piano, Harry S. Truman was a small town sherriff...Earle plays chess like a master. The images from a chess match may not be as enthralling as a president detailing his basketball brackets, but he wouldn't be running for "Chessmaster-in Chief". He most assuredly wouldn't appear on the "Oprah" show to attempt to boost his popularity.
Since it is no longer on the air, he could borrow the catch phrase, "My Name Is Earle" from that silly sitcom.
Maybe choose Joy as his running mate, though he has more history with Leo Johnson.
Windom Earle. Remember the name. 2012.


Doug said...

Think about it-Earle could play chess matches with world leaders-Sarkozy for example, or Elton John.
I'm pretty sure that a couple of games of chess would energize the Debates.
So...who has caught your ear/eye/ heart for 2012? If you want to stay with President Obama...wow. Didn't see that coming.

Lucia said...

Windom Earle? Ah, Google is my friend. Last time around I ran my cat, so you can run a fictional character if you like.

I've been watching the GOP side with some interest, and I have to agree with you (!) that I don't see a Great Right Hope yet.

Palin, as you say, may not run, and if she were the nominee, the center-left would eat her alive. You don't walk away from your first big gig halfway through and then expect a promotion to the most demanding executive job on the planet. The GOP kingmakers (monarchmakers?) know this, and they probably won't let her get that far.

Mike Huckabee is probably too Southern and too Baptist to appeal to northern independents. Besides, he seems to have real principles, always a liability in politics.

Haley Barbour is a more Southern and more racist Gingrich.

Mitch Daniels is uncharismatic and says (at least so far) he doesn't want the job.

Condoleeza Rice doesn't want the job and has Bush III stapled to her forehead.

Michele Bachmann is too nutty for the center-left to take seriously. See GOP monarchmakers above.

Mitt Romney is rich, handsome, smart, and well-spoken, and he has a genuine executive record to run on. He's also anathema to Tea Partiers, and his signal achievement is crafting and passing a Massachusetts health-care bill uncomfortably similar to the ACA.

Tim Pawlenty is also uncharismatic, but he has some gravitas and may get somewhere.

I know I missed a few, but I think they're small fish. My best guess is that the nominee will be Romney, Pawlenty, or someone completely out of left field, in that order of likelihood. Of course, you know where I'm coming from, so adjust your lens accordingly. (You aren't really surprised that I'm happy to stick with Obama, are you?)

Doug said...

I had a nice answer which vapored.
Palin doesn't need center lefties to win. I think that the Dems/President Obama have so over-reached into our pockets and lives that any candidate without a "D" following his or her name will have an advantage.
But, as I said in the comment that went bye bye-this post was a one off.
I'm not ready for the electioneering to start yelling in our faces and ears.
Lu, the point I was making with Windom Earle is that even someone like him (bad guy) would get my vote before Obama.
I have the Twin Peaks collection, and I can pinpoint exactly where the producers knew that they wouldn't be renewed-everything they were saving for season three got gumboed together and, though it doesn't make a lick of sense, the sheer lunacy is fun to watch.
Also, I think that the name 'Windom Earle' is an awesome character name. Who else here is unyoung enough to remember the actor William Windom in the tv show
"My World, And Welcome To It" based on the writings of James Thurber?
Ah. Even the crickets have gone to sleep.

Lucia said...

You seriously think Sarah Palin has a shot at winning the presidency? Really? Just off the top of my head, in addition to quitting the governor's office she made sexual-assault complainants pay for their own rape kits, hired a consultant to pry loose federal pork for the city of Wasilla, charged the state a per diem to live in her own house, toted her kids around to campaign events on the state's nickel, supported the Bridge to Nowhere until it became a national laughingstock, and revealed herself on national TV to be laughably ignorant and incurious. If a Democrat pulled one-tenth of her shenanigans you would have apoplexy. The center-left doesn't take her seriously (rightly, imho), but were she nominated they would dig up all this stuff and more and write it in the sky for all the world to see. (It wouldn't take much digging, either. It's all online already.) It's true that the center-left won't vote for her anyway, but she can't win with only the hard-right vote, and center-right and independent voters whose memories have faded would have them refreshed, again and again and again. If she's elected president I will eat my hat, feathers and all. You can hold me to it.

I wish I understood what it is about President Obama that exercises you so. He's an extremely weak negotiator who's done far less than I and most progressives had hoped; I saw a painfully amusing quip recently about "his hideout, the Preemptive Cave."

I never saw Twin Peaks or My World and Welcome to It, but I did enjoy Windom on Murder, She Wrote.

Lucia said...

P.S. Apparently the comment software is voracious; it tried to eat my comment too, but I remembered to ctrl-c before hitting publish.

Doug said...

"about President Obama that exercises you so"
It's a good thing I'm not ready for political stuff.
Let it go,Lu. It's too early, and the days are too nice. Remember my adopted motto: "Less Bark, More Wag."
I will say that if Palin does win the Presidency, you will probably be as surprised as I was when Obama won. Fair enough?

Lucia said...

I would be far more surprised. I truly can't imagine that 1) the moneymen would back her 2) a plurality of GOP primary voters would pick her 3) a majority of general-election voters would choose her over Obama. In fact I will start stewing that headwear if she's nominated.

Over here on the right-hand coast we had a solid week of rain. I was about ready to go out and drown myself, and I wouldn't have had to go far. But today for the first time in well over a week the sky is brilliant blue, not a cloud to be seen, and my clothesline is in for a workout. I will rejoice and be glad in it.